One person can beam brightly and create a wave of light, raising the vibration of the world. This is the quantum effect of consciousness.  I believe this wholeheartedly. 

I am an Energy Intuitive, an Artist, a Feature Writer for 11:11 Magazine, a published Author, and I offer Bellydance parties for women's groups

Movement is a theme in my life—- physical movement through dance and in nature, moving to various places to live, and moving beyond self-imposed boundaries of perception. 

As a dancer, energy intuitive, and writer/poet, I am fascinated with the expression that comes from the movement of my veils, the space between the words, the inferred and indirect reference that comes through prose and alliteration.  

I believe that the "empty space"  is the source of our connection to Life Force. Tuning into that emptiness during an energy session brings forth patterns of amazing colors that flood my inner vision, pulsing and shifting, guiding the flow of energy. I refer to this as the "color signature" of the client ... and it is quite beautiful to behold as it simultaneously informs my work.

For me, painting is a moving meditation that also tunes into the emptiness that is so full and profound. When I paint, I feel as I do when I dance with veils --- colors swirl and spiral around me, time evaporates and I am centered and joy-filled. 

I am not so much a traveler as a mover -- living in places that capture my heart.  For the past 8 years, that is Sun Valley Idaho, the place with such compelling natural beauty that I feel like my heart plugs directly into the regenerating power of the earth. 

Also centered in my heart is my hometown of Kingston, Tennessee; my spiritual home of San Juan Islands, Washington where I spent the majority of eleven years in a process of "awakening" to other planes of existence and consciousness.  And always, my 'familiar place" of Mexico where I lived for a year and often return.

​I love diversity!  I love "mixing it up!"  Home, family and friends are everywhere that I am --- this is the source of my abundance.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     AND SO IT IS!
 "The most important thing ... is to give 
up who you are for who you can become."
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