One of the greatest experiences of my life was to assist in the transistion of a person who was dying. My body and voice were used as a vehicle for the transition, and included messages to the loved ones being left behind. This experience changed my view of death and the "other side". After the experience, I was given a poem to share with family.I may receive other physical sensations, images, songs, dialogue, smells, or intense pulsing in my 3rd eye. All of these serve as directives to me and may/may not be apparent in a particular session.  Often the client goes into a very deep state of relaxation while believing they are completely awake throughout the session when in fact, they are snoring away!

My clients' experience —  many for the first time— a conscious connection with their internal landscape that is both profound and familiar. They report feeling safe. The work is non-invasive and the client always has complete control— no opening can occur without personal cooperation.  I have been dubbed "an energy worker for energy workers"  because I hold a grounded and expansive field that supports deep transformative work. 

Energy Work in-person:  With the client on a massage table, dressed in loose clothing so they can fully relax, I tune into their energy field.  1 hour  $110*
Energy Work Remote:  I work with the client's energy field, sometimes setting a specific time with the client, but often tuning into them while they sleep. Yes, it is effective!  Energy has no time or space boundaries.  Sometimes the session is written and sometimes it is verbal and recorded... depending on what comes through.  I will email a copy of the writtien or verbal message.  1 hour  $110*
Energy work is a process wherein multi-dimensions of the consciousness field may be accessed in an intuitive session. There are many avenues to this field. In my case, I begin by tuning into Source and asking for guidance to best serve the path of my client or the situation.  From there, I receive a flow of "impressions" that are translated through my hands or in a verbal or written format. My gifts are primarily sensate.  The most common form of translation is seen through my inner vision as the "color signature" of the client.  These colors pulse and move and inform my work, allowing me to facilitate the next steps in the client's opening consciousness.  Often, I feel extreme heat in my hands, especially when working with emotional blocks associated with dis-ease.
Combo Session:  Energy Session w/ Intuitive Writing or Poetry.   $ 245
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Intuitive Writing/Message:  The client sends me a list of 10-20 questions.  I scan the questions for their essence and set them aside.  When I feel the impulse from Source, I respond to the questions---first, to the unspoken  "between the lines" qualities, then move to the specific questions.  The handwritten or recorded message is then emailed. 1 hour $110*
Intuitive poetry/prose:  The client emails me or tells me about a situation or person that is close to their heart, sometimes with a photo if its about an individual.  I tune into the situation/person and then write one or more poems, all guided by Source and compeltely individual.  Occasionally, a piece of prose comes through instead of a poem.  I send the poem(s) via email or regular mail as requested.  I retain copyright to all poems. 1.5 $110*
Intuitive Writings 
& Poetry
Specific to the consciousness of the client or situation, I tune in and the guided writing or poetry flows.

Remote or
Distance Work

Energy or consciousness has no boundaries in time or space---anyone anywhere anytime can experience  the benefits!
"Donna has the capacity to work from heaven to hell, and all rungs in between.   She understood experiences that were alien and foreign to me. Her understanding, whether it is called intuitive, channeled, or simply a  human being's highest innate ability to care and comprehend, have made  her a person I trust with anything!" 
JH- Kingston TN
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 "The most important thing ... is to give 
up who you are for who you can become."
Working with those who are dying... or with their loved ones.  

I am especially grateful to have been called upon to assist in the process of a person transitioning through death. To be able to tune in to those in transition, to channel messages from those who are dying to their loved ones... often when they no longer can communciate effectively, is a gift of energy work that is among my most treasured ... the messages are life-afirming and acknowledge that dying is simply a passage to another dimension of existence.

Often when working with the dying or with their families after their passage, I will be given a poem or message that has been shared at services or celebrations of the departed.