"... I found the story totally absorbing with a straight forward message easily understood, even by the hard-edged cynic that I can sometimes be. For some inexplicable reason I was put in mind of Dylan Thomas's story, 'A Child's Christmas in Wales.'  Like it, 'The Man and The Shark' is an adult's nostalgic look back at the innocence of childhood, an innocence that can almost make the tears well up in the eyes, such happy tears."Gary Hoffman, M.D. Sun Valley, Idaho
...  Usually, once I read a book, there is no desire to read it again. This  book is different; like a mystery that's not solved, or a puzzle with a  piece missing or a painting that pulls you back for another 'look.'"  Peggy Ragland, Cookeville, TN
...Your  book touched my heart and soul.  I just finished reading it twice and  tears are running down my cheeks as I tell you  how much I LOVE your book!  What a God-given talent you have!" Ruth R. Orlando, FL
11:11 Magazine ..."beautiful  images of nature, animals, and paintings touch the heart as a journey  of man is portrayed...there will be a resonance to the words that  unfold..."  Jeff Ferrannini

Sedona Journal of Emergence listed as a "new and Notable" book of Sept 2009!

Francis Rothluebber, Filmaker of "The City of the Dawn" & President of New Momentum for Human Unity reviews..."...this  remarkable fable is a renewal of hope. ..the solution to the  psychological imprisonment of the Man (and western humanity) seems too  simple. Yet, listening to the Inner Voice and making the choice to  recover the lost "boy who can fly" is the key!..the significance of this  fable is heightened by the powerful imagery of the author and the  moving abundant photography of Daryl Pritchard."

Hugh Gilbert, Author & Lecturer,"Donna  has masterfully woven a simple yet profound tale of how the future will  be won, not by learning who we are, but by remembering who we are." 

"This  succinct, delightful book packs a powerful message, and the photographs  add dimension to the different elements of the story.  I have read it  many times.  It's a keeper!" Lana Dahl, CranioSacral Therapist, Seattle, WA
"...it is the best I have ever read of that kind of book!"  Terry Howard, Soso, MS
“What  a wonderful shower gift—one that we will treasure year after year!  It  really got me thinking about how our daughter’s imagination will be, and  how we need to not let the world squelch that.  It brought back some of  my own childhood memories, reminding me that even things we can’t see  and touch are real."  Elaine Cruse, Kingston , TN 
"...My 11-month old daughter loves looking at your book!  She loves the animals.  I think that is so neat!"  Andrea Taylor, Columbia SC 
"Ms.  Savage describes her work as “a modern day fable.”  It is that and  more!  On one level she traces the age-old story (with as many variations as there are human beings) of the loss of innocence that  everyone undergoes in becoming an adult—and its recovery beyond the tragedy of self-alienation, through art, nature, and recollection.     Some readers will hear unmistakable allusions to the Gnostic myth in  which redemption consists of remembering or reconnecting with his/her  former “glorious being.”  Others will be reminded of Jesus saying to the  effect that entering “the Kingdom of God” consists, essentially, in  rediscovering the mystery of childhood.  Romantics will evoke thoughts  of Wordworth’s “natural piety.”  Mystics of every persuasion will see  this story as that of the “lost oneness with all things,” the foundation  upon which everything else rests."  Don Morris, Minister   Kingston United Methodist Church, TN
...I  felt compelled to read this book as soon as I got home.  It is so  powerful that I find mere words do not convey my respect for it.  I had  never before read a book that generates such an emotional wallop!  As I  was reading, it seemed that the words and pictures combined to make me  feel the message.  On page 45, my heart beat more rapidly at the force  of climactic words.  As I turned the pages thereafter, there was a  palpable welling up of beautiful emotion within me.  It is a wonderful  book!  What gorgeous word pictures are painted by the author! The  relating of the story is magnificent!  I am grateful to be among those  who will hold this book in their hands.  Its message is a blessing to me  and will be a blessing to many.  I will read it again and again, and I  foresee that I am going to continue to be nourished by it.  Thank you,  thank you very much!”  Anne Horner, Kingston, TN
"An  uplifting book, full of insights that anyone can use to improve and  re-focus their life. It is a reminder of the important things in  life—love, connection and gratitude."  Laurel George, Atlanta, GA
“  … The book is a gorgeous jewel alive with colors, pictures, words and  the thoughts behind them. I read the book only when I am alone so that  those thoughts may soak into me. I know they will speak to thoughts  within me, and mine will speak to them, and there will be conversation  that is pure and holy.  I know that the discussion the thoughts are  having will produce wondrous new insight into the Holy Universe we are  part of.   I know you will understand because we are together in this  realm— there are thoughts that speak softly to us if we can be in the  silence to hear them.  I am patient for the purest thoughts take time to  crystallize, and become the magik carpets to a greater Understanding of  who we are, why we are, and where we go. All is very well.“   Al Winters, Galveston, TX
... I  love the book.  It worked for me on two levels.  It reminded me of the  experience I had in reading The Little Prince many years ago.  I could  lose myself and become the main character through his experiences, which  I also did in your book.  It also gave me some things to consider as  far as where I might want to go with my life going forward."        Eddie Rivera, Author of "This Week's Wierd," Friday Harbor, WA."  
​"..I  have enjoyed this book so much and feeling the passion as I was reading  it...from the discovery of oneself from a child with all the  imaginations to all the experiences leading to an adult with the need to  re-focus on the important things in life!  I will enjoy this book over  and over and I am sure it will be a favorite of our grandchildren!"  Charlotte King, Knoxville, TN
“This  delightful book reminds me to live my passion—and that makes me a  better mother by example.  My 4-year old son is too young to understand  most of the text but he loves the pictures and asks me to read the story  about the man who talks to animals.”   H.W. Ernst, Architect, High Performance Auto Driver, Denver, CO
about The Man and The Shark
 "The most important thing ... is to give 
up who you are for who you can become."
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