“You will not be needed at this meeting, so the invitation is withdrawn.  Thank you for understanding.” This meeting was important to me, but the circle had closed, leaving me on the outside— I felt a familiar pain in my heart.  I said, “Of course, I understand.” 

Rationally, I did, but the pain continued.  I recognized that this pain was information, ready for me to tap into it right then.  I had recently learned a tool called “tracking,” in a  Holodynamics course, so I knew what to do.  

Holodynamics is the application of holographics, quantum physics, developmental psychology, information theory and other modern sciences to the understanding of consciousness and the unfolding of life potential. *  The tools enable a person to transform their life, and are applicable to their relationships, work, community, and the global environment. 

Following Holodynamics protocols, I tracked the “closed circle,” an immature holodyne (specific information systems that control thoughts, feelings, actions and consciousness of individuals). *  I gave the feeling of being shut out/not fitting in my full attention—addressed it as a living, viable entity, asked that it reveal itself fully, and sent it love and appreciation for the information it held for me.  My objective was to learn its positive intent so it could transform it into its full potential

The holodyne responded, taking shape as a red circle slightly open on one side that closed as I focused upon it.  It represented cliques in my high school and I was on the outside.  No effort I made “to belong” mattered.  I remembered the pain of isolation.  I asked, “Okay, what is your positive intent in closing me out of the circle? 

It answered, “For you to be a citizen of the world!  You had no clique, so you reached out to a wide range of people. This expanded your perspective and acceptance of others beyond a narrow framework.  You now feel at home wherever you go!”  

It was true.  However, my reaction to the withdrawn invitation was an indication that the immature aspects still ran me.  Was collecting friends and experiences my way of compensating for “not belonging” in high school?  As I asked the question, my body was flooded with chills, a confirmation—yes!

I addressed the holodyne, “Can you show me your full potential now that I am a citizen of the world?”  It responded, sending messages and images as it began to transform.  The circle was spinning, and then re-shaped into a triangle, the symbol for trinity.  Popping up from each point were the words—Clarity, Commitment, Focus. 

“Apply these attitudes to your life now, pull in your scattered energies, and you will become effective wherever you choose to be.  You already ‘belong.’  Do not ‘try’ to fit in anywhere.”  This message came from the triangle, a mature holodyne. 

The final step of the tracking process was for me to commit to a relationship with the mature holodyne in a systematic way—starting with the cells in my body, then my personality, my relationships, my community, the world, and the universe.  My commitment was to seek counsel from the triangle/mature holodyne, until the pattern of  “not fitting in” no longer triggered me.  This agreement set in place a transformation of this aspect of my life from a cellular level to a universal level, “the whole dynamic.”

The above tracking was self-lead, and immediately effective— my feeling of being shut out was transformed—I no longer had an ego attachment to being included.  Within days, the invitation to the meeting was re-issued!  The change in my perspective affected my mind and understanding; and in turn, my emotional response.  I went to the meeting confident but no longer attached to being part of the group.  All systems from my body to the Universe had accepted a new pattern and in only 3 months time, “fitting in” was not a priority for me any longer.

The Academy of Holodynamics was originally organized within the Academy of Natural Science of Russia.  It was founded to promote the integration of all branches of science, philosophy, religion, education, and social structure in order to help unfold potential consciousness on the planet.  In 2005, the International Academy of Holodynamics was organized in the United States, offering on-line courses, manuals, and training conferences throughout the year. 

Dr. V. Vernon Woolf, Chairman of the Academy and a psychotherapist, commented on the beginning of Holodynamic theory while working with patients.  “Sometimes I could sense intuitively what the problem was, even though I had very little rational information about it.  That deep sense began to fascinate me.” * 

From quantum physics, he knew there was an underlying order throughout the universe and an all-pervading force, which manifested itself in the dual nature of reality, as both “particle” (the thinker) and “wave” (the feeler).  His realization was that the mind, from a quantum perspective, had direct impact upon reality. 

Dr. Woolf’s “Ah-Ha!” moment occurred as the result of a dream in which the multi-dimensional qualities of all consciousness were revealed to him as a “mind model.”  From there, the principles of holodynamics unfolded, his fascination becoming his life work. 

Holodynamics is based in science, thus establishing a neutral foundation and language through which people can work together to transform common issues, regardless of conflicting personal dogma or beliefs.  As individuals and groups apply the principals to their lives, they transform on a personal level as well as in their businesses, spiritual organizations, and communities. 

“We live in a conscious universe where everything is connected and every situation is driven by potential.  Every person has a Full Potential Self, the ‘I’ that is connected to hyperspace, and serves as the source of character and meaning to every experience.”*

This statement by Dr. Woolf supports what mystics have sensed for eons— that we are all aspects of the same continuum of consciousness.  Our focus, be it through prayer, intention, law of attraction, intuition, and psychic phenomenon— affects the field.  

An underlying principle of quantum physics is that outside our particular time/space continuum— the past, present, and future exist simultaneously.  Holodynamics facilitates accessing that no-time space.  Therefore, the work has great scope, encompassing the whole field of consciousness, into dimensions not yet measurable, and beyond our perceptions of who we are and what our life represents.  

This deeper level is called the “ReLive/PreLive” and uses tracking to take the individual to the source of an issue that has been in their ancestral line for generations.  Once tracked and transformed into a mature holodyne at the source, even 2000 years past, the issue then becomes an effective ally of the person’s life in the present. 

Tracking an issue deeper to its source, triggers a transformation through other time dimensions and parallel realities, and creates positive change in the past, present, future, and for the collective.  Once transformed, the entire system begins to re-organize in all dimensions, including within the individual and their ancestral line.

An example is a woman I met at a conference who had suffered emotional abuse by her adopted mother from the time she was a toddler.  She used the ReLive/PreLive to track the abuse to its source, and felt the transformation in herself.  Within a few days of the tracking, she received an unsolicited call from her adopted mother, who for the first time— acknowledged her mistreatment and asked for a chance to make amends.  This transformation occurred in “hyperspace” and manifested into a tangible life change.

These processes track the source of a multitude of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical maladies, often with inter-related components.  Another conference attendee had used the protocols to cure herself of autoimmune disease and its complications.  Inspired by her success, she became a master teacher of Holodynamics. 

These protocols are an effective way to navigate emotions before they become a source of dis-ease.  Shortly after tracking the closed circle, I had a flare-up episode in my neck.  Two years prior, an x-ray indicated herniated disks and a bone out of place.  The pain demanded my full attention.  I tracked it.  The immature holodyne appeared as a red triangle pressing into my spinal column.  It revealed to me that the misalignment of my vertebrae was the physical manifestation of that lifelong feeling that I did not fit in.  

It indicated that the emotional issue was fully transformed, so my neck was fully ready to heal and needed physical support to do so.  Its specific instructions were for me to focus 100% on my health and to take yoga classes from an instructor named Richard in Ketchum, Idaho, a place that resonates with me on many levels.  Its final message was, “as you align your spine, you will align your life.  I moved and started classes— three months later, I feel and see marked results.  My spine is aligning, my neck is more flexible, my body is stronger, and I can sense my life work unfolding.  Joy! 

Holodynamics may be applied on any level from individuals to relationships to systems.  Whenever two or more people or entities come together, there is a holodyne that embodies that formation.  Addressing the information allows the system to unfold its fullest potential expression. 

The protocols of holodynamics are effective for individuals and groups, and no props or  intermediaries are required.  An individual may self-track any concern, transforming angst into an effective ally.  A couple may seek counsel from the mature holodyne representing their union.  A group may be guided by the group holodyne before a meeting so the fullest potential will unfold.   

Imagine world leaders communicating with the mature holodynes of their countries and asking them to be guides for national and international policy decisions and planetary support.  The possibilities are infinite!

Quotes from The Academy of Holodynamics materials and Dr. Vernon Woolf                     

HOLODYNAMICS: Transform Your Life! 
by Donna P. Savage

As published in 11:11 Magazine Issue November-December 2010
 "The most important thing ... is to give 
up who you are for who you can become."
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